OUTwatch is committed to bringing the best in LGBTQI cinema to the North Bay. We acknowledge the vital role LGBTQI filmmakers have in bringing us together to document, inform, inspire and entertain us. OUTwatch uses both narrative and documentary film to show the fabulous, rich diversity of the LGBTQI experience.

2017 Grant Awarded: $5,000

Grant Request

OUTwatch is a series of film programs and Pop-Up Festivals including:

  • OUTwatch’ 3-day LGBTQI Film Festival
  • Shorts at the River as a part of Sonoma County Pride
  • Throughout the year we showcase films for queer youth, their friends and families (and those who provide services for them) with youthQUAKE!

Alignment with the LGBTQI Giving Circle

We believe the very act of bringing an audience together to watch a film builds community and inhibits the isolation too many experience in our community. Sonoma County covers a large geographical area and is home to a large density of LGBTQI people. The OUTwatch Pop-up Film Festival format strives to reach folks where they live. We bring together LGBTQI businesses, non-profits, social groups and artists and in an effort to highlight our collective consciousness as well as our diversity.

It is important for all of us who are part the LGBTQI Community, as well as the community at large, to both see positive images of ourselves and explore the myriad of challenges we still face. This grant will allow us to continue to expand OUTwatch by presenting engaging, educational, and entertaining programming to all of Sonoma County.

Track Record

An average OUTwatch screening will have attendees from 30 zip codes. Increased visibility and attendance will be a measurable outcome, as will be stronger relationships with local non-profits and social groups.

Website: Out Watch Film Fest


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