On The Move (OTM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing young leaders by building exceptional programs that challenge inequities in their communities. Since 2004, OTM has piloted an array of youth-led initiatives in Northern California, exploring approaches to promote wellness across communities.

One of OTM’s core initiatives is LGBTQ Connection, which promotes LGBTQI youth leadership, supports underserved people and builds a community’s capacity to include and welcome LGBTQI people. LGBTQ Connection has demonstrated a high level of community impact and strong outcomes throughout the Bay Area, and has been acclaimed as a state-wide model for LGBTQI youth engagement.

2017 Grant Awarded: $10,000

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The LGBTQI Latino Youth Inclusion Project will increase the commitment and competency of local providers to reach and serve Latino LGBTQI youth, leading to better care, reduced isolation, reduced discrimination and healthier outcomes. The project will ensure that this disenfranchised population has access to safe, inclusive and culturally appropriate resources.

Alignment with the LGBTQI Giving Circle Purpose

The LGBTQI Latino Youth Inclusion Project supports the Giving Circle’s larger vision of building a strong, knowledgeable and accessible network of people and agencies – ensuring that no part of Sonoma County’s LGBTQI community is left out. The project is closely aligned with the Giving Circle’s LGBTQI Youth and Community Building objectives:

  • LGBTQI Youth – LGBTQ Connection’s driving strategy is to support and empower LGBTQI youth in addressing the most critical needs and issues facing themselves and their community. The LGBTQI Latino Youth Inclusion Project will improve the effective integration and coordination of services for LGBTQI Latino youth. In addition, the project will empower a team of LGBTQI Latino youth leaders who will partner with adult staff in order to offer trainings for local service providers, and design culturally competent and Spanish-language resources for the
  • Community Building – The LGBTQI Latino Youth Inclusion Project builds on the foundation of LGBTQ Connection’s unique and successful youth-led, intergenerational community organizing model whose founding and growth has been supported by the Giving Circle over the last two years. In addition, the project develops new bilingual service provider trainings, new bilingual resources and leverages partnerships among existing agencies. This will greatly expand services and reduce isolation for a community that has long been underserved in Sonoma County, and in tum increase the diversity, vibrancy and connectedness among Sonoma County’s LGBTQI

Track Record

The LGBTQI Latino Youth Inclusion Project is a new project focused on supporting Latino and Spanish-speaking LGBTQI youth in Sonoma County. LGBTQ Connection has already built an excellent track record training youth-serving organizations: Over the last five years, the program has trained over 2,500 public, health and human service employees on best practices for serving LGBTQI youth in several Northern California counties. However, LGBTQ Connection has not yet had the capacity or funding needed to create bi­ lingual trainings and resources, or to create a training to specifically equip providers to serve LGBTQI Latino youth and their families. With support from LGBTQI Giving Circle, the program will create these new trainings and resources, increasing agencies’ knowledge and capacity to provide culturally appropriate services to LGBTQI Latino youth and their families.

Website: LGBTQ Connections

  • 2016 Grant Awarded: $10,000
  • 2015 Grant Awarded: $10,000
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