Listening for a Change (LfaC) promotes understanding and acceptance of human diversity through education, oral history, and the arts. We work to eliminate prejudice and intolerance in order to promote true acceptance of others. This is achieved by working with communities to develop oral histories and art projects based upon the personal stories of community members who have lost human or civil rights.

2017 Grant Awarded: $8,500

Grant Request

Develop an LGBTQI video oral history program that will focus on reciprocal  interviews  among the youth, aging population, and disenfranchised. Engaging the LGBTQI  community through story creates opportunities for understanding and mentorship. Video stories widely shown promote understanding and acceptance of our shared humanity.

Alignment with the LGBTQI Giving Circle Purpose

LfaC’s program supports the desired objectives in several ways. It will:

  1. Help connect LGBTQI youth and elders in order to hear one another’s stories and create opportunities for role modeling.
  2. Reach out to the more disenfranchised members of the community-youth of color, transgender youth, and LGBTQI youth whose primary language is other than English as well as those from low economic situations.
  3. Support building a stronger LGBTQI community through sharing stories among members to better understand and support one another as well with the community-at-large to promote a more inclusive welcoming community.

Track Record

LfaC has been implementing community oral history projects since 1988. From 1988-1997 we were a Sponsored Program through Sonoma State University’s Academic Foundation. Included in LfaC’s history are: three successful school programs, the Essence of Acceptance, the Neighborhood Listening Project and Crosstown Connections; a community engagement program, the Community Listening Project; and a program for businesses and nonprofits, Inclusion and Connection. Each of these programs teaches active listening oral history skills to interviewers and gathers stories from a wide population whose diversity embraces cultural, ethnic, gender orientation, age, religion, etc.

Website: Listening for a Change

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