The Sonoma County Human Services Department, Adult & Aging Services Division (A&A) serves as the county safety net provider of senior services. In its second year of local programs to support LGBT seniors, the LGBT Seniors Outreach Project, has begun offering training and events at three local senior centers, while also planning the spring launch of the LGBTQI Senior Information & Assistance Program to increase elders’ access to social services for healthy aging.

2016 Grant Awarded: $10,000

Grant Request
This three-part proposal addresses the obstacles that interfere with low-income LGBTQI elders accessing housing and supportive services and builds on the success of last year’s Outreach Project in identifying needs and closing service gaps by:

  1. Providing a county-wide LGBTQI specific information and assistance services offered by a senior center that will encourage LGBTQI seniors to feel comfortable in identifying their needs and accessing services.
  2. Expanding cultural competency training to the staff, volunteers, and instructors of three senior centers so they will be more aware of the needs of LGBTQI seniors and how to reach this hidden and under served population.
  3. Addressing widespread isolation among LGBTQI seniors by helping the three senior centers plan special events that would introduce LGBTQI seniors to their senior center and encourage them to utilize its services as well as participate in creating their own programs and opportunities for gathering and connecting.

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2015 Grant Awarded: $13,500

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