Positive Images provides support, advocacy and a safe space to Sonoma County’s LGBTQ+ youth and young adults (ages 12-24) and educates the greater community.

“We nurture positive self- image and leadership, and we envision a Sonoma County and beyond where all youth are valued community members contributing to a just society. ”

2016 Grant Awarded: $7,500

Grant Request
Positive Images (Pl) intends to organize and host a two-day LGBTQ+ Summit that will assist in advancing cultural competency in Sonoma County.  The Summit will educate up to 100 health, education, law enforcement and human service providers in our community on gender and sexuality topics, foster collaboration within the LGBTQ+ community and create opportunity for action planning as well as sustained networking between those serving LGBTQ+ individuals.

Alignment with the LGBTQI Giving Circle
Pl’ s Youth Leadership is a tribe of 15 focused facilitators, organizers, and creators of many aspects of the organization. They will play an integral role in the planning and implementation of the Summit, creating opportunity for asset and skill building as well as exposure to positive LGBTQ+ role models. The Summit content will also address specific issues and needs of LGBTQ+ youth. Although great advances have been made in recent years for LGBTQ+ rights, the community members (particularly youth) still experience many hurdles in comparison to heterosexual and cisgender individuals. This includes higher rates of alcohol/drug abuse, suicide, depression, feeling of isolation, homelessness, and a loss of hope.

PI has served Sonoma County’s LGBTQ+ youth by hosting meetings, events, and offering a safe-space. PI intends to make even greater strides for the LGBTQ+ community as a whole by engaging LGBTQ+ youth, adults, and allies. This Summit will provide opportunity for coordination and integration of services and resources, bringing experts together to educate with the goal of setting achievable “next steps” and sustainable networking for all participants.

Track Record
For 25 years we have brought together over 3,000 Sonoma County’s GLBTQ+ youth and young adults who have received encouragement through weekly peer-support groups and a safe space. PI has fostered knowledge and understanding to the community at large through 30 – 40 educational panels for schools, colleges, other nonprofit, public service agencies, and mental health organizations per year. In addition, 16 youth and young adults complete the Peer Counseling Training and receive their certificates every year, providing over 1,500 volunteer service hours back to the agency while building their professional skills and experience.

Website: Positive Images

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