Making a Difference

  1. "I believe in and am deeply satisfied by the collective impact we are having in our local LGBTQI community. When the Giving Circle gathers, the events are always fun, inspiring, and full of thoughtful, engaged people who are doing more than just giving money to make the world a better place – we’re tackling challenging issues, learning, and growing together.  That’s some seriously juicy goodness right there."

    Laurie Lynn, Giving Circle Steering Committee Member

  2. “While LGBT seniors face the same challenges of aging as all Sonoma County seniors, they have added concerns resulting from a lifetime of discrimination and lack of recognition of same-sex relationships.  The LGBT Seniors Outreach Project will better connect under served LGBT seniors to both helpful local services, including health care and housing, and the broader community.”

    Shirlee Zane, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman

  3. "The Youth Leadership Team has helped me become more open with myself and my peers. It provides a safe place that I don't normally have."

    Tayler, LGBTQ Connection